Pardo Letter

Vincent Pardo's letter to Karl Van Zant

A Tanis Seeker and cancer patient who died under mysterious circumstances. Pardon was seeking Tanis hoping for a miracle cure, due to his rapidly progressing cancer. Pardo initially attempted to hire a Runner through Parzavala Communications, but could not afford their price. He then later hired Karl Van Sant, not realizing that Karl wasn't a true runner. Sometime after this contact he became paranoid that someone was after him, and wrote to Karl that he was going to hire security. He died two months before the release of episode 5. However, it’s later discovered that Vincent’s cancer actually went into remission and was NOT the cause of his death. Instead, shortly after his cancer went into remission, Vincent was killed in a hit and run. His sister Carmen suspects foul play.[1]


  1. Tanis Podcast, Episode 105

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