An archaeologist specializing in new energy who was a contractual worker for TeslaNova on a 2015 research study, and was apparently on a multi-day hike near Seattle in search of Tanis when she went missing. Tara is eventually found trapped inside the Cabin in Room 1136 by Nic and Sam Reynolds at the end of Season One. Nic says that when he first saw her, she smiled at him and offered her own arm for him to eat. Eventually, the police, along with other as yet unidentified officials and agents take Tara out of the cabin. She’s covered in dried blood. Based on her appearance in the Cabin, it’s possible that in Season Two, Tara will turn violent like many others who return from Tanis.

Tara was working for TeslaNova in the 2015 research expedition where the Cabin was discovered. The cabin go missing, and then Tara’s team would look for it again. The expedition was officially being operated by Russians, because scientists in Russia had discovered the Tanis breach before TeslaNova. Tara stole a Russian guard’s flip phone and used it to send three audio messages to her brother Sam regarding the Cabin itself before she disappeared.

At the end of season 3 episode 3 Tara Reylnolds is again found by Nic along with MK in a mental hospital.


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