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Tanis is a serialized bi-weekly podcast created by Terry Miles and Nic Silver and produced by Public Radio Alliance and Minnow Beats Whale. This wiki is current up until Episode 301.

The Myth of Tanis...Edit

Tanis is an exploration of the nature of truth, conspiracy and information. Hosted by Nic Silver, the Tanis podcast explores the mythology surrounding a short story penned by rocket scientist and infamous occult leader, Jack Parsons, entitled “Where Is Tanis?” as part of the 50s-era Strange Worlds comic series. As Nic delves into the world of the esoteric, his questions lead him to encounters with persuasive conglomerate executives, family members of missing persons, and off-the-grid, unconventional scientists, whose seemingly disparate cultural strata find common ground in a singular endeavour: their search for Tanis.

His searches proving largely fruitless via regular channels for explanations as to what, where or who Tanis is, Nic enlists the help of “cyber information specialist” Meerkatnip. Preferring Skype as a method of relaying information and paid in untraceable Bitcoin, Meerkatnip (or MK) takes Nic further in his investigation than he believes he could get alone, combing the deep web with her customized software programs, and getting help from intelligence sources that would be as hard to track down as she is.

As Nic explores ever-widening possibilities as to what Tanis may be and how it’s impacted others, sometimes fatally if a connection is established, he comes upon more questions than answers; and while there are those who want to help him find the source of this timeless myth, he encounters just as many people who try to deter him from his investigation using any means necessary.

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