A subsidiary company of TeslaNova Corp that manages Runners. In its current form, Parzavala trains and operates Runners through the so-called an “executive success program,” although Parzavala’s involvement had lasted for centuries under a variety of different names. It is suggested that Parzavala had Karl van Sant killed because he attempted to be a Runner without going through Parzavala. Vincent Pardo had tried to hire a Runner through Parzavala, but could not afford their price. Pardo was also later killed.

MK and Nic discover that Parzavala once took the form of an internet service provider that had a job listing for a research position posted on a UseNet job search newsgroup. This UseNet newsgroup eventually folded into the Fish and Tackle bulletin board. Despite being defunct, individuals associated with Parzavala staked out Nic and the office of Pacific Northwest Studios in two silver cars. Nic also found a recruiting ad for Parzavala in a local newspaper in Idaho that also included a phone number. However, when Nic called the listed number, he heard a message somehow repeating Nic’s own phone number over and over again.

The company owns an industrial complex, but the day to day operations of the complex are managed by an unknown company identified on the lease as being located in Russia. Parzavala may also have operated the Pacifica Station in the 1980’s. MK discovered a videotape from 1985 of footage taken from the industrial complex, which appears to show medical and zoological equipment used to research certain kinds of sea creatures—namely mollusks, snails, slugs, and cuttlefish. Nathaniel Carter was seen in the tape overseeing the research.