"Was It the Red King Kitty" aired on August 24, 2016.


Run-Down with Geoff and MKEdit

Nic talks with Geoff and MK (MK via Skype) to hash out more TANIS theories. Nic feels TANIS is probably a place, but that it could also be a person or a thing. MK asks if Nic got a translation of the Voynich manuscript that she sent with her friend Clark but Nic says he never received it. MK later confirms that she received a cache of information that would only have been delivered to her upon Clark's death.

Meeting with Nathaniel CarterEdit

When Nic picks up the phone that was ringing in the middle of the woods (where he woke up at the end of episode 208), Nathaniel Carter was on the other end, asking Nic to meet at the Parzavala warehouse. After a delay, Nic and Geoff drive to the destination, only to find the entire complex engulfed in flames. 

Cryptic Conversation with PaulEdit

"Cult of Tanis" Paul contacts Nic and tells him that it's time to wake up, and that Nic has a connection to Tanis because he's met the Navigator. Paul warns nic to stay away from Cameron Ellis, that what happened to Marcus Corey will happen to Nic if he continues their working relationship, and that "they" lured Tara Reynolds into the cabin where she was found trying to eat her own arm.

Voynich TranslationEdit

MK's friend appeared to have translated the Voynich Manuscript, and discovered the second part of a two-part map that led to "The Garden".

Eld FenEdit

Alex continues to read the collection of notes from an unnamed narrator, some of which were written by John Corroman, speaking about the stairway to heaven and the possibility of an accompanying map. A section written by August Wick is next, a poem describing the "old king fen" and how he's found by following the stars.

Nic Finds VeronikaEdit

While working, Nic wanders toward Pacifica Station, unsure of how exactly he found it. Inside he hears the ubiquitous, metallic hum, and while he's examining the station's machinery he's approached by Veronika Pilman. She brings him outside to meet the Grackles, who are accompanied by Nathaniel Carter. He tells Nic he's been in the station for three days, and Veronika warns Nic that Ellis isn't who Nic thinks he is. Carter tells Nic some people are genetically predisposed to certain communicative abilities in the Breach, and asks Nic to come with them when they next travel there, as Nathaniel reveals himself to be the Navigator who will guide them.


Recurring CharactersEdit

Nic Silver, host and producer

Meerkatnip, information specialist

Geoff van Sant, brother of Karl van Sant

Nathaniel Carter, head of Parzavala

Cult of Tanis Paul

Veronika Pilman , researcher

Guest CharactersEdit

Alex Reagan, host of the Black Tapes