"The Map to Heaven" first aired on August 10, 2016.


The Conly ConnectionEdit

Robert Leslie Conly, author of "Mrs. Frisby and the Rats of NIMH", once pitched an article idea to Playboy regarding a series of clearings in Washington state where the plant and animal species behave strangely, but the article was never written.

Plane DisappearanceEdit

Nic interviews Margo, a witness who claims to have seen a cessna disappear mid-flight while walking her dog in the woods one day, near the area known as The Breach. She also heard an accompanying sound she describes as a metallic humming.

Nic Works in the Breach Edit

Nic admits to hearing the sound Margo described while he was working in the Breach but he didn't find the sound as threatening, and confesses that he's been spending more time in the area as he believes it's been making him feel better overall.

As Nic tells Ellis about his increased energy and feelings of well-being, he seems confused when Ellis tells him he's not scheduled to be in the Breach that moment, nor the day before where he'd spent the day.

Edward Arthur Wilson and the Map to Heaven Edit

M.K. tells Nic about Wilson, a mystic who founded a spiritual community on Vancouver Island in the 1920s and believed himself to be the reincarnation of the Egyptian god Osiris. He established the Aquarian Foundation, which helped him acquire the land on which to build a commune, but eventually fled to Switzerland where he faked his own death. Treasure hunters scouring the area where the commune was built found various papers Wilson left behind: a document titled "The Map to Heaven", whose circular patterns matched the missing page of the Voynich Manuscript that Nic found.

Eld Fen Pt. 5 Edit

John Corroman's collection of notes continue the story from the point of view of an unnamed narrator, whose assistant, Marjorie, continues her mental decline and whose behavior becomes more erratic. The narrator reads from Marjorie's transcription, "FROM THE DESK OF DR. SAMUEL EVENSON: EVENSON EXPERIMENT PRELIMINARY NOTES". What follows is a description of the collection and preparation of a horn found by the author, and applying a balm derived from the horn to paid participants. The author then describes his dream about a disturbing and grotesque female figure that he felt was his mother, "our mother".

Nic Dreams About the Cabin Edit

Nic dreams about threatening creatures in a forest from which he hides in the cabin, noting that the stars overhead didn't match the constellations as he remembered them. When he awoke he was in the middle of the woods, and heard a phone ringing in the distance


Recurring CharactersEdit

Nic Silver, host and producer

Meerkatnip, information specialist

Cameron Ellis, TeslaNova CEO

Guest CharactersEdit

Margo Seavers, teacher