Transcripts from surveillance on Cult of Tanis phone

A secret, global cult that worships Tanis as a deity. The Cult has been in existence since at least the 1950’s, when members would post classified ads in local newspapers disguised as advertisements for used refrigerators.[1] The phone numbers listed in these classified ads were actually coded locations for future meetings. Nic referred to the Cult in Episode 102 as the “Illuminati Tanis Fanclub.”

The cult has a mantra: "There are wondrous things. There are magical things. There are dangerous things. We get what we deserve"

The Cult continues to exist to this day but the only remaining (known) faction is a small group in the Pacific Northwest. The members of the cult refer to themselves in the plural and collectively identify themselves as Gwendolyn. (“Our name is Gwendolyn.”) The cult also has had prior incidences of kidnapping, extortion, aggravated assault, and indecent exposure.

As of episode 108, the Cult was operating in the basement of a duplex in Everett, Washington. Sam Reynolds’ girlfriend Arcadia worked with one of the Gwendolyns to kidnap Sam. Morgan Miller rescues Sam, and then later rescues Nic, after he is drugged and briefly kidnapped by the Cult. After he is rescued, Nic returns to the duplex to confront its members only to find that they have disappeared without a trace.

The cult is on a government watchlist, and their recorded cell phone transcripts were obtained by Meerkatnip. The transcripts reveal that the cult is actively seeking the Navigator.[2]


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