A high ranking executive of TeslaNova who is closely attached to TeslaNova’s research involving Tanis, including the 2009 and 2015 research expeditions. Father of Avery Ellis. In episode 109 he warns Nic to stop investigating Tanis and cease production of the podcast. Episode 110, it’s revealed that Cameron Ellis was the person who purchased all of Karl’s cassette tapes, radios, and other material from Jeff for a substantial sum. He uses the material from these tapes in TeslaNova’s ongoing research. At TeslaNova, Cameron Ellis discovered that one of Karl van Sant’s cassette tapes has recorded a very loud sound from underwater, somewhere in the Pacific Ocean, possibly near Russia, on or about March 1, 1999. Ellis believes that the sound might be an effort by an individual or a being attempting to communicate. It’s unclear what the direct connection is to Tanis.

By the end of Season One, Cameron tells Nic that he is reopening the Pacifica Station.

Loves Kurosawa movies.